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Patient overview

Espadon provides a unified view of the different imaging objects, by assigning them a name that takes into account their relationship. 

The load.patient.from.dicom and load.patient.from.Rdcm functions (depending on whether the patient’s folder contains DICOM or .Rdcm files) create  an R-list, in which all the DICOM objects of the patient are identified. In this patient list, there is, among others, the element T.MAT, computed from the DICOM reg objects. This one provides all the necessary information to overlay two imaging objects acquired on different machines, or at different times.

The display.obj.links function allows a nice and convenient display of these links.

pat.dir <- choose.dir () # patient folder containing mr, ct, rt-struct, rt-dose, rt-plan and reg…
pat <- load.patient.from.dicom (pat.dir) 
Espadon, an R-list of patient ‘patient001’, creates by
an R-list of patient ‘patient001’, created by load.patient.from.dicom.
Espadon, an R-list of patient ‘patient001’
Connectivity graph between exams.

When the patient object list is loaded into memory, the function loads the full object information, i.e. voxels content for MR, CT or PT, rt-dose or contour coordinates for rt-struct.

S <- (pat$rtstruct[[1]])
CT <- (pat$ct[[1]]) 
MR <- (pat$mr[[1]])
D <- (pat$rtdose[[1]])