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Input File

The espadon package acts directly on the DICOM files or the folders containing them, thanks to espadon functions whose names contain the word “dicom”.

For example, to load an imaging volume from a CT or MR, simply execute the following instruction:

vol <- load.obj.from.dicom (image_path) 

image_path represents either the image folder path, or a vector of all the image DICOM file path.

To speed up the loading of data when studying a patient’s images in depth, espadon offers the data pre-formatting function. This function creates files that are smaller than the original files, without loss of information, and prepares the data for use by espadon’s analysis and display functions. The new data format is a Rdcm format. ("D:/dcm/patient001", "D:/Rdcm/patient001“) 
Espadon_Action of function
Action of function