Version 1.5.1 available on CRAN since 2024-11-01!

Espadon is an R(1) package simplifying the use and exploitation of DICOM data in radiotherapy.

Espadon works in a native way (user friendly):

  • on images (CT, MR, PT) and fully manages changes of frame of reference (REG)
  • on dosimetry (rt-dose, rt-plan)
  • on structures (rt-struct)

It is also able to use any DICOM format file, as long as the user knows where to look for the information.
In addition to the simplified use of the above-mentioned files, espadon contains many functions that allow the user to rework documents to produce new features that can be integrated into machine learning.

Among other features, espadon is suitable for pseudonymizing DICOM, decoding them, visualizing them and producing dosimetry data in relation to clinical data.



(1) R Core Team (2021). R: A language and environment for statistical computing. R Foundation for Statistical Computing, Vienna, Austria.


« Espadon, an R package for automation, exploitation and processing of DICOM files in medical physics and clinical research », C. Fontbonne, J.-M. Fontbonne, N. Azemar, Phys. Med. 109 (2023) 102580 (

Created for the PMRT project, funded by

Région Normandie
Union Européenne