To use espadon, you need first to download and  install the R software:

For ease of use, we recommend that you use the RStudio Desktop IDE. Download and install it from

You can then open Rstudio, create an new project in the directory yous have choosed.

Espadon is available on CRAN

You can install espadon with following instruction:

install.packages ("espadon", dependencies = TRUE) 

If you install the package from *.tar.gz or *.zip, you can first automatically install its dependencies by copying and pasting these instructions:

espadon.depend.pkg <- c ("colorspace", "DT", "igraph", "js", "knitr", "mathjaxr",
                         "misc3d", "openxlsx", "progress", "qs", "Rcpp", "Rdpack", "rgl",
                         "Rvcg", "shiny", "shinyWidgets", "sp")
pkg.install <- function (pkg, require = FALSE){
  new.pkg <- pkg[!(pkg %in% installed.packages()[, "Package"])]
  if (length (new.pkg)) install.packages (new.pkg, dependencies = TRUE)
  f <- pkg %in% installed.packages()[, "Package"]
  names(f) <- pkg
  print ("installed packages")
  print (f)
  if (require) {
    print("loaded packages")
    sapply (pkg, require, character.only = TRUE)
pkg.install (espadon.depend.pkg)